Dacorum Family Services

Being a parent can be a rewarding and happy experience. There are also times of ups and downs.

There is no right or wrong way to parent and no set of instructions. Each one of us has a different family background and unique set of circumstances which affect our own parenting style. Each child is also very different, what will “work” for one child may not “work” for another.

A problem shared is a problem halved. Having someone to talk to can prove invaluable to enable change and overcome challenges to help you resolve issues yourselves.

Happy Parents = Happy Children


If you feel…
• Concerned
• Lonely
• Worried
• In need of parenting help or advice
• Like you need some practical help
• You’d like to learn more about supporting your child’s education
• That you need the advice of a professional
• In need of a friendly listening ear

School Family Workers can assist you in finding the support you need and help you get in touch with organisations with special skills and knowledge to help you. Please click on “Dacorum Family Services” to find your local School Family Worker.

What can we offer?
• Confidentiality
• Work one-to-one with you to listen to any concerns and provide information and support
• Put you in touch with local support groups
• Help get you a place on a local parenting programme
• Support you through the CAF (Common Assessment Framework) process www.hertsdirect.org/caf
• Support you as a facilitator through the Education, Health & Care Plan
• Access to computer and other adult training
• Activities for your children during the holidays

Your issues may be varied, for example:
• Changing schools
• Communicating with your child
• General routines (bedtime, eating)
• Managing challenging behaviour
• Bullying
• Lone parenting
• Finding time for yourself
• Temperamental teenagers